Thanksgiving Gang

The Gillmor Gang — Mike Vizard, Jason Calacanis, Dan Farber, Doc Searls, Robert Anderson, Dana Gardner, and Sam Whitmore — give thanks and look forward to what comes next. Recorded Wednesday November 22, 2006.

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  1. zx

    TGG - “the next generation”

    get a new crew captain…

  2. Rob

    Gillmor Gang always makes me think, often laugh, always frustrates the hell out of me. Like many others I keep coming back for more. If this really IS the last show, it’s a sad day indeed. Thanks for the ride, I enjoyed it.

  3. Amyloo

    I listened, and had the feeling it might really be the last one in this incarnation. Would love to know all the background one day.

  4. Jamie

    That was a very powerful ending…. it was good to see that the Gillmor Gang means as much for the Gang themselves as it does for us listeners.

  5. Leif Uwe

    If this is the last show, I hope it’s not, then that was the right way to end it.

    Thank you Steve!

  6. scott

    Office is dead. Long live Office 2.0. A link appears to be a very efficient gesture. What is the benefit of removing links and linking from the attention vocabulary? I’d suggest that the attention infrastructure providers hook up with the semantic web tool and service providers. Generating and revising an attention spec that leverages something like RDF seems to be a far less challenging task than what has been attempted so far.

  7. Kurtiss Hare

    Touching show. My thanks to the whole gang.

  8. Ken Walker

    One more show! One more show! :)

    Seriously, this has been a great podcast, and I’ve been hooked since the spring. Here’s hoping that the Gang lives on, and that it’s podcasted to the world.

  9. Scott Fraser

    Steve, I am hearing rumblings that you may be not continuing the Gilmore Gang podcast. I hope this is NOT true! I have been a long time listener, and greatly enjoy the show. Please consider keeping it going.

    I am actually considering doing a regional “gang like” podcast, inspired by the format of yours.

    Anyways… please know you have fans out here, and we will miss the show if it is really ending!

  10. Irelandshope

    Steve I miss you I can’t live without you please come back. I listen to around 30 podcasts per week and I have realized since you stopped they are all shit and the only one worth listening to was the Gillmor Gang.

    I’m Irish and we have a long tradition of cutting observations and ill tempered recriminations so I feel like you’re a brother. I miss you bro, come home all is forgiven, dads not well and its time to harvest the potatoes.

    Serious I’m grieving you don’t realize the impact this is having on my life. Don’t make me listen to Leo Laporte.
    Best Regards
    Your very sad potential friend.

  11. Phillip Molly Malone

    Please bring the gang back. The fans miss it!

  12. Alan Carr

    “Don’t make me listen to Leo Laporte”… that’s good for a laugh. ;-)

    Seriously though, I wanted to add my voice. I’m reeling wihtout the Gang; I feel smarter for being able to listen to everyone, even during the wackiest moments. We miss you, Steve. I sincerely hope that you bring back a show, in any form… Attention Defecit Theatre perhaps?

  13. Frank

    I keep looking at my iPod each day, wondering when the Gang will show up again. Reminds me of losing my first girlfriend and wondering with each ring of the phone, “is that her?”

    Lisa, uhhm, I mean Gang, please come back!

  14. Erc Liknes

    I agree with the sentiments of everyone here especially at the end. Hopefully there will be just one more Gillmor Gang, just one more hit is all I need. I guess I’m addicted to GG, and now starting to feel that terrible withdrawal. Steve, we miss you and Dana, Doc, Mike V., Mike A, Dan, and going back a little farther good ol’ Jon Udell (now of Microsoft). Man, and I hot just gotten to the point where I could tell Mike Vizzard’s voice from Dan Farber’s voice (that took a while too!) I wish you all happy holidays, and I do mean the whole damned Gang. God Bless all of you, and hopefully there will be an outlet, platform, forum, whatever for all of you in the coming year.

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